Dede Oforiwaa Memorial Foundation.

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Career Excellence Awards

Career excellence awards provide a tangible symbol of recognition that can be shared with peers and colleagues.

It also recognizes the individual’s efforts and achievements and can boost morale. It can also provide legitimacy to the individual’s skills and qualifications, which can help them advance in their chosen career.

Furthermore, it can help to raise the profile of the individual or institution receiving the award, enhancing their reputation and helping to attract new customers and clients.

Dede Oforiwaa Memorial Foundation.

Founded in 2010 by Mrs. Karena Crankson, Dede Oforiwaa Memorial Foundation is based in California. Dede Oforiwaa Memorial Foundation describes the ideology behind this organization; a helping hand to guide children to the path of knowledge and success.

The organization strives to help impoverished youth escape their dire circumstances and get the best shot at life. By providing financial and academic support,Dede Oforiwaa Memorial Foundation aims to provide these children a fair chance of succeeding in life.

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With a passion to guide our youth down the path of knowledge, DOMFO is committed to our cause. Our programs are aimed at helping our youth achieve success in their life. Whether it’s academic or extra-curricular, we encourage students to bring out the best in themselves.


There are lots of ways you can get involved with Domfo and help make a difference to the lives of children in Ghana. Your time is a great gift to donate to Domfo and there are lots of fun and interesting ways you can get involved. Find out more and start making a difference today!